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Mr Werner Paul Albert DREESSEN was born May 18th, 1962 at Wilrijk (Antwerp-Belgium).
He was college-educated in Latin and Greek at the Catholic School of the Fathers Redemptorists in Essen (Antwerp) and graduated at the Pius X Institute in Antwerp (1981).

He became Bachelor at Law at the Catholic University of Jesuits in Antwerp (UFSI Antwerpen) in 1983 and received a Master at Law with Distinction at the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in 1987.

He combined these studies with a two year learning of the Spanish language and with additional studies in Political and Social Matters (1984-1985) at the same university.
Mr Werner Dreessen fluently speaks Flemish, French, English and German and has a good speaking knowledge of Spanish.

Being sworn in at the Court of Appeal of Antwerp in September 1987, Mr DREESSEN was admitted October 1st, 1987, at the Bar in Antwerp and became a fully educated lawyer on October 1st, 1990, after a legally-obliged training period of three years.

He founded his own law office in 1987. His training period during 1987-1989 was guided by Lawyer Hugo CALLENS (at the former law firm Kegels-Dieryck-Van Looveren, a former maritime and commercial law office in Antwerp) and in 1990 by his father Lawyer Leo DREESSEN, who at that time practiced bankruptcy law in Antwerp).

He received special education in Company Law at the Catholic University of Brussels (KU Brussels 1992) and obtained a degree in Management Logistics (1996). In October 1998 he joined the Bar in Brussels and was admitted as a bankruptcy trustee at the Court of Commerce of Brussels in 1999.

In June 2008 he completed further education and received a degree as a Mediator in commercial and civil matters, as well as in social and family matters , officially recognised by the Belgian Federal Government and by the Belgian Flemish Bar Association (O.V.B.).

Mr DREESSEN is interested in commercial and civil law in general and specialised in trade-, company-, labour- and contract law. Mergers and acquisitions of companies and business-negotiations also have his special attention with his experienced skills .

In Spain he builts out  a spanish branch of his belgian lawyersoffice  at the Costa Blanca & the Costa del Sol regarding real estate,  mergers and acquisitions of spanish companies, property and financial matters in advising and assisting foreign people in a for them foreign country .

For spanish related matters that need procedural treatment before courts in Spain , the lawyersoffice of Mr Dreessen collaborates with RUBI ABOGADOS in Almeria ( South of Spain , 220 km under Murcia and 220 km above Malaga ).

Throughout his career Mr Dreessen has also provided services as a judge in commercial matters and has been appointed as a Trustee of the Court to run companies in logistic and financial troubles.

As a lawyer , he mostly pleads in Court for companies and their Chief Executive Officers . His clients are from Belgium, Spain, France , Germany and the Netherlands .


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